Vol. 5 – The Back

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Vol. 5 - Stretching the Back

Vol. 5 – Table of Contents

  • Positional Stretching
    • What is Active Isolated Stretching?
    • Fundamentals of Positional Stretching
  • Key Points for Success
  • Chapter Advice
  • Movement Tips
  • Back Flexion #1; Seated
  • Back Rotation; Seated
  • Back Lateral Flexion 1; Seated
  • Back Lateral Flexion 2 & 3; Seated
  • Back Rotation w/Flexion; Seated
  • Back Rotation w/Lateral Flexion; Seated
  • Back Extension 1; Standing
  • Back Extension 2; Standing
  • Back Extension 3; Standing
  • Back Flexion #2; 1; Supine
  • Back Flexion #2; 2; Supine
  • Protocols for the Back
  • Key for Protocols for the Back
  • Complete Protocol for the Back
    • Lordosis
    • Disc Problems
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Stenosis

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